Review: Kosmea Replenishing Moisture Cream

Kosmea is an Australian company. They produce a line of natural skin care products using rose hip oil.

I’ve been looking for something natural to use on my face and hands for some time, winters in northern BC are very dry, so, when I saw the rose hip oil at my local health food store I was intrigued, after trying the sample, I bought home a vial. I used it as sparingly as I could on my face and hands. It had a lovely fresh rose scent but I wasn’t really satisfied with it.

Then one day, while I was in the shop, the sales lady showed me the Kosmea replenishing moisture cream.

It is wonderful. I use a very small amount, about the size of half a pea, on my face every morning. It
sinks into my skin almost instantly leaving it feeling soft and silky, and like the oil, it has a lovely pure, fresh rose scent.

It cost $54.99 for a 50 ml tube. That sounds expensive but one tube last me a whole year.

You can use the stockist
finder, on the kosmea site, to find a store near you that sells it.


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