The Body Shop is selling a new product for lips, Stop Violence in The Home Hi-Shine Lip Treatment, the entire proceeds of which will go to toward fighting domestic violence. Scented with passion fruit, it contains marula oil, lanolin, avocado oil and pearl pigments for shine. It retails for $11.50. (via smarter)

2) Lulu Guinness makes a whole whack of retro-inspired beautiful handbags, purses and accessories. This red snakeskin Lips Clutch is very adorable, very LL appropriate, and very out of my price range. (from popgloss)glossblossom

3) I havent tried Avons mark Glossblossom Ripening Lip Tint, but I want to. Ive heard good things about this gloss which fades to a lip stain. The Avon site says this gloss goes from clear to pink in seconds and transforms into a custom-color shade for you. Many companies like to use the custom-color buzzword, as though the cosmetic has a brain, and will magically morph into your perfect shade, taking into account your skin tone and hair colour. Really though, everybody wears the same shade a bit differently. Custom shmustom. Still, at six bucks, its a relatively low-risk investment.