About Lip Gloss and Laptop
KA combined both their love of beauty products, and their disdain for media-driven unrealistic cultural beauty expectations for women, and channeled it all into Lip Gloss and Laptops. We think makeup rocks, but we like to call attention to the fact that spending $30 on mascara is not going to change your life.

Lip Gloss and Laptops began in March of 2006, and is a podcast and blog about beauty products, and beauty culture, and the cosmetic industry.

KA BeachKerry Anne has been interested in cosmetics since her grandmother gave her free reign on her makeup cabinet sometime in the mid-1970s.

Some of her all-time favourite products include MAC Lady Bug lipstick, Laura Mercier Oil-Free Foundation, and Avon Solid Perfume seasonal brooches from her childhood.
Beauty lows include allowing a teenage friend to give her a Toni home perm in 1986, and a brief stint with Mystic-tanorexia in the summer of 2006.

Best beauty advice: Get the colour done at the salon. It only took about ten years of hard lessons in home colour to admit defeat.

When Anna isnt blogging, podcasting, or tinkering around on the internets, shes a mom, a wife, a friend and an educator.

Andrie has been an avid beauty consumer ever since she was old enough to go to the mall. Childhood memories include Lip Smackers, Devon Violets perfume, and Cover Girl Shine-Free Pressed Powder. Her happy-place is at the spa, and she would go there weekly if she had the cash. The LL Podcast is a labour of love. She earns her spending dollars as a high school mathematics teacher in Vancouver, B.C. She has two daughters, and a bloggable husband. Airdrie has been described as impulsive, energetic, and far too worked-up. Airdrie has a love-hate relationship with UV-Gel Nails.

4 Responses to About Lip Gloss and Laptops

Hello my favorite Canadian beauty bloggers! I have been a listener for a long time, and would love your help. I am visiting Toronto next week, and would love a recommendation on where I can get some nice highlights and a haircut. Id love to go to a trendy place that is not too expensive. If you have a recommendation, Id love to hear it.

Thanks and keep up the great shows.
Hey the new site looks great. I love listening to you two. Especially on my way to work. It is just like you are sitting in the back seat and we are gabbing about make-up. Keep up the good work
Listening too you guys is one of my indulgences, its my time to catch up on all things girly. I look forward to tunning in every week.