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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Episode #7: The Perfect Red Lipstick

Listen to episode 7 (40-minute MP3 file), or get the latest episodes automatically on your computer or iPod if you subscribe free in iTunes or another podcast subscription program.

Plus, listen to this episode to find out how to win your own free tube of MAC red lip lacquer, mailed to you directly from Lip Gloss and Laptops HQ in Vancouver.

The Perfect Red Lipstick

Red lips can be an intimidating look for some women. There are many shade variations on the classic red, so how do find your perfect match?

First, determine your skin tone. There are a few ways of doing this. Look at the inside of your wrist. If you have blue veins, you are more likely to have a cool skin tone. Green veins usually indicate a warm tone. Does your skin have a lot of pink? If so, you'll be better suited to blue based reds and true reds. Warm complexions can also wear true reds, and reds that are more orange-based. Keep in mind that these are recommendations, and not the rule.

Kerry Anne and Airdrie both went to some makeup counters for professional assistance in choosing a red this week. A makeup artist can identify your skin tone and some counters/companies have demystified their lipstick selection slightly by labelling them cool, warm or neutral (able to be worn by either skin tone). Air, who has a fair, cool skin tone, tried many reds this week. She couldn't find one that suited her, and has resolved that a natural look is what she prefers.


Kerry Anne's big purchase of the week was a Scott Barnes Flossy Glossy in Scarlet Starlet. This is technically a "pearly burgundy", or a very blue-based red. Scott is the former makeup artist for Jennifer Lopez, and the man responsible for creating her very famous glow. They've since had a very famous "falling out", and he's moved on to the faces of other A-listers and created his own cosmetics line. Though the Flossy Glossy has a weird name, and a high price tag ($33CA, $22US), it's a pretty good product. The brush allows for precision application, important for red, and the texture is neither too sticky nor glossy. Bonus marks for being unflavoured and mildly-scented. Though it is supposed to be a gloss, it has enough colour to pass for a lipstick, so thin-lipped girls like Kerry Anne might want to apply it sparingly because it is dark. This one would definitly be well-suited to darker skin tones, also.

Kerry Anne also tried CoverGirl Continuous Color Lipstick in #575 Really Red ($6.99CA, $5.50US). It has a lovely silky smooth texture, and is on the pink side of red, so it would suit a cooler skin tone. The lipstick itself is a good price and worth recommending in any shade, but the fact that it eventually turns kind of fuschia/red instead of really red is a bit disappointing. The name is misleading.

KA's best red so far is a bargain custom blend she created using NYC's Ultra Moist Lip Wear in Sheer Red #309, and an NYC Classic Lipliner Pencil in NYC Red #957. The colour was a clear cherry red, without being too obnoxious and the combined cost of the two items is a mere $3.98! ($1.98US) Despite being cheap, both of these items are great and have quality comparable to something more expensive.

If you are new to red, start with a red liplining pencil or a red gloss. These are more subtle than the bold look of some lipsticks. Your red lips should be the focus of your face and look best with subtle eye makeup. For extra precision, use a brush to apply your lipstick rather than slathering it on from the tube. Some great tips for applying red can be found here.

Invisible Lip Liner

There are products on the market that prevent the migration of dark lipstick to other parts of your face. One that we give "thumbs up" to is the Sally Hansen Invisible Lip Liner ($6.99CA, $5.49US). Use it around your lip area to keep lipstick where it belongs.

MAC also has some great reds like Viva Glam 1 (thanks Product Girl), Russian Red and Ruby Woo. Handbag says that some companies, like Chanel, Dior, and YSL really do red right. This site has some great advice for pairing lipstick with skin tone.

Air may have hated her red lipstick experience, but you may not. This week we are having an informal give-away. Please listen to the show for details on how to snag a tube of MAC Lip Lacquer in Fanplastico.

Note that the colour is not that shown in photo below. MAC deems it a "vivid intense bluish-red with red shimmer".

Reality Check: We Love Science

This week Air gave kudos to L'Oreal for their sponsorship of the LOREAL-UNESCO "For Women in Science" Awards. It is wonderful for this company to promote the message to young girls and women that it is stylish to be smart and beautiful.

Also note, AGORA (click the "For woman in science" button at the top right of the screen), an interactive forum sponsored by the L'OREAL-UNESCO For Women In Science program. This is a great site for women of all ages, but particularily teenage girls, to find support and information on careers in meaningful scientific research.

While the use of quasi-scientific trademark names in cosmetic advertising may be fooling few of us, we must also reflect upon and respect the science that is involved in creating modern day cosmetics. We have come a long way from ancient Egyptian times, when the poisonous element Mercury was used in cosmetic compounds.

"Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick." - Gwyneth Paltrow


Blogger Melanie said...

This was a fun podcast to listen too. You are both starting to sound like real pro's behind the microphone. Keep it up.

Wed Apr 12, 09:28:00 PM  
Anonymous Carla said...

Yes, another great episode. You two are wanting to make me podcast now! Don't do that, it's too much work! ;)

Whoever gets Fanplastico is going to be one lucky girl. This post made me buy this lacquer... that and the fact that lacquers are just amazing.

Not to be the continuous MAC girl but I'm ADORING their new Studio Fix Fluid foundation. I was using Bobbi Brown before but I think this actually gives me that airbrushed quality.

Thu Apr 13, 05:57:00 PM  

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