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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Episode #3: The Perfume Chronicles

Lip Gloss and Laptops Episode 3 is now ready for download (31 MB MP3 file, just about 55 minutes). This week we visited The Perfume Shoppe at Sinclair Centre in Downtown Vancouver (Canada, eh?). Visit their store for a free consultation to find your signature scent, or visit their website to enroll in their "samples program". They ship world-wide, and are extremely friendly. Finding a signature scent has never been so much fun!

When looking for a scent you like, try it on and wear it before you splurge. Some scents are expensive, and they smell different on the sample cards at the department store than they do on your skin. Every woman has her own unique body chemistry, which will make a scent develop on her in a different way than it might develop on her friend.

In our travels this week, we smelled many, many perfumes. Kerry Anne's favourites were Montale Aoud Ambre and Agent Provocateur. Airdrie and Kerry Anne both liked Serge Lutens Miel de Bois. At first it just smells richly of honey and beeswax candles, but then it develops and there is so much more to it. Use it sparingly.

Some women, like Scentzilla and Airdrie, can't be limited to one scent. They prefer to have a "scent wardrobe", and own several scents which they wear depending on their mood or the occasion.

The complex relationship between scent, emotion, and memory can be traced-back to the primitive vertebrate "rhinencephalon" or "smell brain". Read more in the book The Wisdom of the Body by surgeon and renowned author Sherwin B. Nuland.

Regarding the debate that Airdrie and Kerry Anne have during this episode, apparently it is possible to synthesize spider silk from a goat. Details at this link: How stuff works.
KA would still like to go on the record saying "yeah, yeah, whatever".

Keeping It Real... An Ad for Heaven Sent from October 1972 Seventeen Magazine

Advertisers are trying to sell you something, whether it's innocence or irresistability or a more glamorous lifestyle. Buy a scent because you love it, not because it is associated with celebrity or promises to make you sexy and mysterious. It's easy to buy into the hype. Be a wise consumer.

Not everyone will love your signature scent as much as you do. There is also a substantial part of the population with scent sensitivities and allergies. Don't envelope yourself in so much perfume that you become a public nuisance.

This week's promos are for Manic Mommies, Bedtime Stories My Kids Love, Buckeye Drive Time, the Blarmcast, and GROW. Listener mail from Katie at and Melanie from Caffinara, among others. Also check out our new promo for Episode 4, coming March 22.

For me, beauty is the celebration of uniqueness, not conformity.
- Isabella Rosellini


Blogger katiedid said...

Aw, thanks for the shout out and the kind words - that was really nice to hear. I am so glad you took a shine to Agent P. I lurve it so much, too.

Re: Musk... the use of animal derrived musks is fairly rare nowadays, with synthetic and vegetal musks taking the place of real musk in perfume composition. Moreover, deer musk have protected status in some countries, and accordingly their use has ceased. (Here's a link about the musk deer.) This is not to say that animal derrived products, like say civet, are no longer employed, for example Guerlain uses them (even though they don't officially say anything on the subject, the juice in the bottle doesn't lie.) This of course may change, as I think most people would prefer to wear something they know did not involve animal suffering if they have a choice in the matter.

That Seventeen mag ad is hilarious. And wow, that's some lengthy ad copy. Compared to the quick short blurbs you see nowadays that's a whole novel. "Ice cream tastes better," hee!

If you both like Miel de Bois, you have some unusual taste - it's not one that's super popular at all, even among us crazy perfume-nuts. I guess you didn't smell the pee note that so many people bemoan.

Wed Mar 15, 06:11:00 PM  
Anonymous Kerry Anne said...

Thanks for your expertise, Katie. How do they derive musk from the animal?
I will have to try the Miel again, and try to find the pee note. Maybe that is the scent that came out that we were having trouble with.
If you lurve Agent P., are there others you can recommend in the same family?

Thu Mar 16, 10:55:00 AM  
Blogger Melanie said...

Thanks guys for the promo. I learned a lot about perfume listenning to your show this week. As I 've said before I'm a complete novice when it comes to anything beyond the beauty basics.

Fri Mar 17, 10:02:00 AM  
Anonymous Jess and Olivia said...

We like listening to your podcast with our mom. It's funny when you say "PODCASTING!!" When do you think it's ok for a girl to start wearing makeup? If a young girl is at Mac at the mall and someone is trying to get her to try on some blush but she doesn't want to but the person is really pushy do you think she should?

Fri Mar 17, 03:13:00 PM  
Anonymous Kerry Anne said...

How young is the girl? I find it a little suspect that someone would be pushing blush on a young girl at a store. That doesn't sit well with me.
I think that a girl should wear makeup when she and her parents agree it's appropriate.
And, if you never choose to wear it, that is absoIutely OK! The message we want to give to our listeners, and this is especially true of our young ones, is that although makeup can enhance your features, real beauty comes from who you are, not only how you appear on the outside. Don't let media messages dictate what is and what isn't beautiful.
I didn't wear it until I was in grade 8 or grade 9. If I wore it in grade 7, my teacher would have wiped it off my face with the Vaseline she kept in her desk drawer.
Jess and Olivia, it's nice to have young listeners, but it's important to wear it when you feel comfortable, there's lots of time. And you must stand up for yourself around pushy makeup people. Don't let anybody put something on you you are not comfortable with.

Fri Mar 17, 03:44:00 PM  
Blogger katiedid said...

Kerry Anne, the real answer to "how do they derrive musk from the animal?" is "you don't want to know. No, really." The technical is that they extract it from the musk sack, which is in the uh, tail region of the animal. Yuck, right? I always wonder who was the first guy who thought to themselves, hmmm, I wonder what I'd smell like if I took the gland excretions from that deer's butt and then put on myself? Why would anyone think of that??? People are deeply weird.

As far as suggestions go for other scents you might like based on AP, it kind of depends on what aspect you like most. I'd try Dark Rose by Czech & Speake, Lust by S-Perfume, or Fifi Chachnil. I'd especially recommned trying the Dark Rose first. I'm trying to think of others, but drawing a blank just a little... sorry!

Sat Mar 18, 10:53:00 AM  

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